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What are the Best Beginner Coins to Collect? (Older Coins)

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This video discusses recommended coin types and series for the beginning coin collector. The recommendations are based on affordability and popularity. The commentator gives his reasons why he recommends each with price ranges for grades he recommends, the series length for the coin type, and the classic look of his selections which will provide longer term price returns. Spoiler Alert – selected are a single coin from each denomination and includes - the #5) Franklin half dollar, #4) Barber quarter, #3) Mercury dime, #2) Buffalo nickel, and the #1) Indian Head cent. Dollar denomination was mentioned as not recommended for beginning collectors due to their higher prices.
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  •  May 1, 2020
  •  YouTube / BlueRidgeSilverhound

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Best Value Scope

Cent - 100 sq tubes

Dollar - 50 sq tubes

Quarter - 50 sq tubes

Half Dol - 50 sq tubes

Dime - 50 sq tubes

Nickel - 50 sq tubes

100 2x2 Clear flips

500 2x2 paper flips

100 2x2 pocket pages

10 2x2 storage boxes

12 pairs gloves