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How Does a Coin Dealer Price Your Coins?

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This video discusses the thought process of a coin dealer on the price to offer for a customer's coin. The dealer discusses the sources he uses (and sources not recommended) for determining the coins true resale value. General guidelines (as percentages) for the price he can offer and the price he will later sell the coin for are very important to know, as a little haggling on the buy or sell price is mentioned as smart and common. Overall, this appears to be straight forward and honest video about this dealer's process in determining a fair price.
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  •  May 1, 2020
  •  YouTube / CoinHelpU

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Love your tutatorials, hard to find people who know what they are talking about, Thanks.


Do you collect or just figure out the best way to make money? I have a small collection and I would sell a few pieces but I'm not a dealer. I guess what I'm asking is what is your main motivation in dealing and does dealing take the pleasure out of coins?

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