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Coins that may shoot up in price (Opinion)

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This video give the opinion of the author on five coins he believes will go up in value in the next five to ten years. He explains why he thinks these coins will outperform others and how current coin types and series that are now popular will make these coins more valuable later. The price, grade range and key dates for his selections are given. Spoiler Alert – the coins he suggests are #5) Seated Liberty proof coinage, #4) Peace dollars, #3) Standing Liberty quarters, #2) Drape Bust half cent, and #1) Capped Bust coinage. Overall, this is the author’s opinion but the reasons he gives seem pretty sound and is something to consider if a collector is searching for the next coin types that may appreciate quicker than others.
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  •  May 1, 2020
  •  YouTube / BlueRidgeSilverhound

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Peace Dollars were minted from 1921-'28 and then again from 1934 and 1935. Not from 1921 to 1935. You're not the only 'Tuber to skip right over this fact. There's a lot of many new collectors that take UTuber's spiel as stone cold facts...just doing my part. Carry on


Blueridge has a great series of "found in pocket change" type of videos on YouTube. He is a must for learning which coins to collect, and varieties in the affordable range. I strongly recommend subscribing to his YouTube feed (it's free)!

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