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Carson City Mint Tour (Historical)

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This video shows a walkthrough of the Carson City Mint Museum. Historical information and museum displays including coins produced, old time coin presses, and the museum’s coin collection are shown. This is a shorter video, but does give you the feel for what is on display at this historical minting site if you are planning a trip Nevada. Other information of interest… Beginning in 1870, eight coin denominations bearing the mint mark "CC" were produced until June 1, 1893. More than $49,000,000 of gold and silver was coined here. Coin collectors are very familiar with the desirable "CC" marks on gold coins such as Double Eagles, Gold Eagles and Half Eagles, and silver dollars, half dollars, quarters, 20-cent pieces and dimes.
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  •  May 1, 2020
  •  YouTube / BlueRidgeSilverhound

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